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Los Angeles Christian School Announcement

Los Angeles Christian School Announcement

For 50 years, World Impact has faithfully ministered to families in communities of poverty for the sake of Christ. The missionary staff of World Impact’s Los Angeles Christian School (LACS) has modeled incarnational ministry as they support urban families by equipping students for a life of discipleship by helping them develop academic competence, Christian character, and self-confidence. The faithful ministry of LACS has given families an accessible alternative to undesirable educational choices while addressing the holistic nature of a child’s wellbeing.

World Impact is pleased to announce that effective April 10, 2021 LACS will transition to become its own 501c3 nonprofit. This change allows LACS to continue its faithful ministry with minimal change and gives bright opportunities for missional growth. World Impact’s commitment to urban communities means it will remain a LACS champion while our work expands to bring a healthy church to every community of poverty through accessible and affordable ministry training.

We are grateful during this transition for the prayerful leadership of LACS staff and volunteers. Paul Phillips provided key leadership during this transition. His unique perspective is shaped by growing up within the World Impact community as founder Keith Phillips' son, a former LACS student, and a former World Impact board member. He has been instrumental in shaping the changes to best serve the LACS families, staff, and community. Paul states:

“I am so encouraged to play a part in facilitating the uninterrupted continuation of the great work that has been done at LACS for decades. The success that LACS has experienced is a testament to God’s faithfulness. This transition came together in a way that truly honors the generous donors, dedicated teachers and staff, and diligent students and families whose involvement in LACS have guided us to this point.”

We invite you to join us in praying that the Lord continue to bless LACS. May we see lives changed, communities redeemed, and many come to know the Lord. “For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.” Psalm 100:5


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