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Putting the Gospel In Action

Putting the Gospel In Action

Today, we are launching a new video highlighting our role in advancing the Kingdom.  

One Easter morning before service, I went on a walk through the neighborhood. I ran across two young men waiting at a bus stop to go to work. With the energy that Easter brings, I wished them a happy holiday and struck up a conversation. Turns out they had no idea why I was so happy.  

“It’s Easter!” I proclaimed. They looked at each other with puzzled looks.  

“What’s that?” one of them asked. Now Cincinnati (where I live) isn’t the Bible belt, but it certainly is the Bible belt buckle. I thought they were joking, but I proceeded to explain Easter to them. His buddy shook his head like he understood. “Yeah, ok, I know about that. We do eat a big meal at grandma’s house. But I didn’t know it was religious.” I left shook, as I came face to face with a reality.  

Many in communities of poverty no longer think the local church is relevant. Our faith is seen as nice but not necessary. The only way it becomes real is if someone proclaims and demonstrates the Gospel. May I dare say that the only way we can fail is to not try?  

We have the privilege of serving gifted pastors and church workers who are giving it their best shot. The urban leaders we walk alongside are called to proclaim and demonstrate the truth of the Gospel in these neighborhoods. They are called by God to love their community day in and day out. Many people who are called there have full-time ministries with part-time pay, and 95% have no ministry training whatsoever.  

World Impact’s role is to affirm their calling by providing effective, affordable, and accessible ministry training. Watch our new video above and let us know in the comments what you think.   

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