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When Innovation Works

When Innovation Works

Last spring, we had to cancel a Trauma Healing Training due to COVID-19. Schools across the country were not re-opening and only essential businesses were operating. With all the changes and shutdowns, I thought our Trauma Healing ministry was dead in the water. 

Now, over a year later, we are working hard to stay on top of the demand for Trauma Healing and Trauma Healing training. The program we use is a blend of mental health expertise, Biblical principles, and prayer created by the American Bible Society. It is one of the programs World Impact offers to leaders to help transform their communities. We went online last year to experiment if the training could even function without the dynamics of being in person. It worked.

Looking back, the word for 2020 would be innovation. Everyone had to try something new—ministries included! Fortunately, we were blessed with willing participants and gracious supporters like you. The Lord has given us leaders from literally all over America, Canada, and around the world. He was not surprised by the Pandemic. He is the author of innovation!

Thanks to your support, here are just a few glimpses of what we were able to accomplish online:

  • We trained a Pastoral couple from Canada. They held two Healing Groups where two people came to know Jesus as their Savior! Through the process of lamenting and being able to take their pain to Jesus, they were set free.
  • We trained a couple from California who works with the incarcerated as well as those re-entering society. They are now doing Healing Groups among this population, where healing is greatly needed.
  • We trained a CEO who works with families of the incarcerated. He is introducing Trauma Healing Training for his staff to bring healing to these families.
  • We equipped a missionary couple in Africa to be able to set up their own Trauma Healing Training in their mission.
  • We equipped a visionary pastor in Atlanta and his leadership team, to take Trauma Healing to the homeless and HIV population in the city.

We have trained 200 individuals in Trauma Healing Training since March of 2020. When the Lord calls you and equips you, He makes a way for your ministry to go forward. Trauma is everywhere. With your help, we are bringing healing through the Lord to the communities and groups who need it most. Trauma Healing is setting people free!

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